« Shapes of Things version 5.7 »
My once personal blog and various things,
Now semi-retired.
An ode to tableless css design,
shamelessly Japanese-inspired.

« Acapulco Gold: A Tribute to Led Zeppelin »
My greatest music love...
Treading the fine line between musical objectivity and fandom.

« The Squaresoft Repository: Of Science Fiction and Mythology »
An ambitious project that went into hibernation.
Now resurrected by Wiki technology.

« Fashion Singapore: A Twentieth-Century Journey »
A personal achievement in visual design, created in early 2003.
Unfortunately, some links no longer work very well in
standards-based browers because of its age.

« Final Fantasy VIII »
Once hugely popular, now defunct.
A relic of Microsoft Frontpage 3.0,
when the internet was young.

« Final Fantasy X »
A follow-up to the success of its predecessor, but alas never
came to be because university took precedence.

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