This site was created using Front Page 97 and Microsoft Word Pad ( which I used to make the frames files coz FP 97 doesn't support frames). Graphics were made using Microsoft Image Composer 1.0 that came together with FP 97. The Title Fonts were made using the Diablo font, Exocet (really kewl font), and the decorative graphics were taken from FF8 screenshots and edited by me without permission.

I used a 30-day beta (errrm...hehe) version of Michaelangelo to create the icons for the Desktop Theme, and used Win 98 Plus to create the .theme file included in the package. The Desktop Theme file was compressed into zipped format using Winzip Version 6.3.

A habour

The midi music belong to several Final Fantasy games. A later update will come with more music and music info.

Where did all this infomation come from? Unfortunately, most of my information is basically a compilation of information taken from Game magazines and various sites, so I have gotta admit that this site isn't as original as I might like it to be. Sad to say, I'm not resourceful enough...gaming information simply takes too long to get here (I'm from Singapore). However, I'll try to make do with whatever I've been provided with, and I'll attempt to bring you a site that is graphically-interesting as well as easy to navigate. Any complaints, constructive aid etc, please email me at I'll really appreciate your help! BTW, don't mind the British spelling if you're American...:-)

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In no particular order:

Q: Why are the pics in you gallery so tiny? Couldnít you get larger pics?

A: First of all, if you read the note in the gallery section properly, you would have realised that most of those pics are really much larger than what you see in the window frame. I merely resized them to fit the window properly. If you see a pic you like and want to view a fuller version, reopen them in a new window. Next, there are some others pics that are actually thumbnails linking to larger versions. These thumbnails only apply to the pictures that are very large in size. Finally, you should check the Miscellaneous section to see what pics I have used for the Wallpaper in the desktop theme. These pics are always high quality pics because I could never settle for anything less when it comes to wallpaper. If youíre still unsatisfied with the pics, thereís nothing more I can do for you (at least not until I get to that point of the game with Bleem! - if I do play the game with Bleem! -, where Iíd be able to rip anything I want from the game Ė I think youíll probably have to wait until FFVIII PC comes out, because I donít think Iíll be using Bleem! since it isn't 100% compatible)

Q: Why are your updates so infrequent?

A: Well, firstly of all, Iím the sole owner of this website. I do all updates myself, and all desktop theme, Winamp skin(s) were made during my free time. I may not necessarily always have the time to update my site, due to other commitments like school and socialising with friends etc. While I love to surf the internet (downloading concert bootlegs), and admit to being a computer addict to a certain degree, I have lots of other things I love to do, like playing my guitar(s), listening to music (Iím a total Led Zeppelin freak), reading, going to the movies, going to the gym etc.

Q: Why canít I download the music thatís playing on your website?

A: Well, thatís because you havenít been checking around my site hard enough. In the Gallery section, under multimedia, youíll find a zip file containing all the music that Iíve got in my site. Theyíre in midi btw, no mp3s/wavs because of copyright infringements.

Q: Iím a webmaster from http://www.etc..Öand I would like to use your Desktop theme and Winamp skin on my site. I would also like permission to use the pictures on your site.

A: Unfortunately, Iíd have to deny the requests for the Desktop theme and Winamp skins because I would like to keep my site as original as I can. As for the pictures, well,  most of these pictures were always  meant for public usage, so you can take most of these. However, there are limitations: The graphics I edited for use in my site's overall design, pictures that were sent exclusively to me by visitors to my site, and stuff that I obtained on my own. In the Gallery, I usually acknowledge stuff that are exclusive to me, so it should be pretty obvious to identify these pics. I do not usually put watermarks on my pics, so if you see a watermark on a pic, unless I mentioned otherwise, these pics are meant for public use.


For the last time, Iíve gotta make it clear that Iím FEMALE.  I know that it seems unlikely that a girl would be playing the guitar or playing FFVIII, much less starting a website about the latter (you can check out my mini Ėuncompleted- Led Zeppelin tribute at but thatís just the way I am. I thought that the name Terra was obvious enough but I guess I was wrong. ;-p  Iím so tired of getting emails that refer to me as a guy.