An "expressionless, distant 17-year-old teenager". Squall is a loner and the protagonist of the story. He tends to keep things bottled up within himself and will allow no one to get too close to him. He often comes across as insensitive because he appears not to care about what other people think. However, in reality, it is much always the opposite. Squall starts of as a member of Garden, and early in the game, progresses to become a member of SeeD. 

Age: 17
Birthdate: August 23rd
Height: 5'8" (172 cm)
Blood Type: AB
Weapon: Gunblade
Limit Break: Renzokuken

A soldier who later turns journalist, Laguna is a courageous and well-respected figure. Early in the game, we see Laguna as a bumbling soldier whose first impression comes across as too chatty. However, Laguna has a kind soul and is pretty much adored by the people who know him well. His sincerity often touches people. Laguna shares a strange relationship with Squall whom he will eventually meet.  His closest friends are Ward and Kiros whom he often travels together. In the course of his journey, he meets a little orphan girl Ellone, who is an integral part of the story, and becomes a father-like figure to her.

*Spoiler* [highlight to view]
The young Laguna actually belongs to Squall's past. He is the President of Esthar in Squall's present time. Squall's consciousness will manifest in Laguna at certain occasions through dreams sent by Ellone.

Age: 27
Birthdate: January 3rd
Height: 5'9" (175 cm)
Occupation: Journalist, (former soldier of Galbadia)
Blood Type: B
Weapon: Machine Gun
Limit Break: Desperado

A frank and strong-willed young woman who occasionally tries too hard in proving her abilities to others. This tinge of willfulness sometimes lands her in trouble. That aside, she remains throughout a very caring and sensitive individual. She cannot bear to see pain in others, and often tries to help others to her best ability.

Age: 17
Birthday: March 3rd
Height: 5'3 1/2" (162.5 cm)
Weapon: Blaster Edge
Limit Break: Combine (Angelo) & Angel Wing

Seifer_Name.gif (1461 bytes)

A brilliant but over-confident, and temperamental young man who sees Squall as his arch-rival. Seifer will fail to make it into SeeD because of his lack of responsibility in leadership; his downfall:recklessness and pride. In a turn of events, Seifer will be found in cahoots with Edea. He self-proclaims himself as "Edea's Knight", and will prove an adversary of Squall through much of the game. 

Age: 18
Birthdate: December 22
Height: 6'2" (188 cm)
Blood Type: O
Weapon: Gunblade
Limit Break: Fire Cross

A brash youngster who like Squall, is a student at Garden. Zell joined Balamb at the age of 13, influenced by his grandfather, who was a decorated war veteran. Zell is an impulsive character and often shoots his mouth off. However, he is a very likeable individual and a single-minded young man.

Age: 17
Birthdate: March 17
Height: 5'5" (165 cm)
Blood Type: B
Weapon: Gloves
Limit Break: Duel

A young and popular teacher at Balamb Garden who has her own fan club, run by students who share a secret like for her. Quistis shows some affection for Squall and often tries to "analyse" Squall's sullen behaviour, much to the latter's consternation. At some point in the beginning, she will be dismissed as a teacher Balamb Garden because of her apparent inability to be strict with her students.

Birthdate: October 4th
Height: 5' 6" (167cm)
Blood Type: A
Weapon: Chain Whip
Limit Break: Blue Magic

Known as the "Best Shooter in the Garden", Irvine was trained in Galbadia Garden before meeting Squall and aiding him in his mission to assassinate the sorceress Edea. (A Laguna-lookalike IMHO. ;-p) First impressions of him are that of a confident and intrepid young man. However, appearances do not always last. Irvine does, on occasion, buckle under times of extreme pressure when the spotlight falls entirely on him.

Birthdate: November 24th
Height: 6'0" (185cm)
Blood Type: A
Weapon: Gun
Limit Break: Shot

Selphie is a free-spirited girl who loves gadgets and fast-moving vehicles. Originally a student of Trabia Garden, she is transferred to Balamb in the early part of the story. Her childlike behaviour and appeareance often belies the fact that she is a mean fighter who can deliver some serious attacks to enemies that cross her path.

Age: 17
Birthdate: July 16
Height: 5'1 1/2" (156 cm)
Blood Type: B
Weapon: Nunchaku
Limit Break: Slot

Ward_Name.gif (1465 bytes)

A close friend of Kiros and Laguna. A giant of a man, Ward may look menacing initially. However, he is probably the most mild-mannered of the three friends. Early in the game, Ward loses the ability to speak after being slashed in the throat when pursued by Esthar troops. Communicates only with his facial expressions and hand movements. Kiros is the best interpreter of his feelings and thoughts.

Age: 25
Birthdate: February 25
Height: 7'1" (217 cm)
Blood Type: A
Weapon: Harpoon
Limit Break: Massive Anchor

Kiros_Name.gif (1467 bytes)

A close friend of Laguna and Ward. Unlike Laguna, Kiros is a no-nonsense sort of person. A tough fighter, he will remain Laguna through most of his journeys and sojourns.

Age: 23
Birthday: July 6
Height: 6'3 (191cm)
Blood Type: O
Weapon: Katal
Limit Break: Blood Pain

A mysterious sorceress who has been linked to the recent annexation of Dollet. Become the target of Squall's assassination mission. Little is known about Edea early in the story, except that she is the first sorceress known to the public in many years.

*Minor Spoiler*  [highlight to view]
Edea may not be as evil as early news implied...

Limit Break: Ice Strike

The founder of SeeD and the current Headmaster of Balamb Garden.

*Major Spoiler*  [highlight to view]
Cid is actually Edea's husband.

Seifer's "posse", the pair virtually look up to him. Blinded by loyalty, the two stick with Seifer throughout most of the game, and are obstacles to Squall's company time and time again.

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Rinoa Heartilly

Seifer Almasy

The Sorceress Edea

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Cool Irvine

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