Final Fantasy VIII

All good things must come to its end. It has been more than 2 years since the opening of this website, and I'm afraid to say that the development of this site has reached the end of its journey. Although this site will no longer be maintained, it's content will remain to provide a source of information to a game belonging to one of the greatest series of role-playing games of all time. 

I have begun the construction of a new site devoted to the discussion of mythological and scientific references pertaining to Squaresoft games. The site can be found at

I would like to thank all you supporters of my site, you have been a bunch of great people. I hope that you will enjoy the content of the new site I have created as much as you have enjoyed this one. Sept 21 2000

This site was last updated September 15, 2000

Check out my new FFX website at
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FF8 PSX was released on:
11 Feb 1999 in Japan;
9th Sept 1999 in USA ;

FF8 PC will be released on Jan 28 2000


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