This is one desktop theme I did during the holidays when I was bored... It isn't that great coz the package doesn't contain any sound files. After all, FFVIII hasn't been released yet, so I've no sounds ot work with. The icons are only average since this is my first time experimenting with icon creation. Note that the file is in zip format so you'll need winzip or some sort of unzipping program. To download this, click on the the link below. Please read the readme included for more information.

Desktop Theme Version 1.1 Terra J. (hehe, like the copyright sign)
5 Additional Backgrounds (528 Kb - uncompressed pics)

Some totally gorgeous black/white wallpapers ripped from the discs' intro credits using Bleem! (each zip file contains 2 b/w bmp files):
Squall and Quistis (312 Kb *.bmp)
Zell and a Mansion (292 Kb *.bmp)
Irvine and Train (278 Kb *.bmp)
Laguna and Edea (298 Kb *.bmp) [new]
Gunblade and Selphie (318 Kb *.bmp) [new]
Symbol and Seifer
(314 Kb *.bmp) [new]
Rajin/Fujin and Rinoa (328 Kb *.bmp) [new]

If anyone's interested, here's a Rinoa pic that I took from the intro credits and coloured using looks pretty fine imho (look at right column), looks great for wallpaper.
Coloured version of Rinoa pic. (630 Kb *.bmp) [new]

Out of pure fun, I decided to make a Winamp skin for all Winamp users. It took me a hell of a long time to do it, as it was much more complicated than I expected, this being my first time as well. Anyways, as usual, read the readme before unloading, coz this time, there are 2 ways to extract the files. If you don't have Winamp, go to it's website to download.

Original Winamp Skin Terra J. (123 Kb)

Rinoa Winamp Skin Audrey  (112 Kb)

Seifer Skin Gottalovett (63 Kb)

Squall Skin Gottalovett (50 Kb)

Rinoa Skin Gottalovett (33 Kb)

Fonts.gif (1154 bytes)

I didn't realise that the Exocet font was a commercial font, so I unwittingly helped to pirate it. Anyways, I took out the link. You can go here to purchase the font:

Diablo/Exocet font

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The Desktop Theme

Original Winamp Skin

B/W wallpaper coloured using Photoshop

By Audrey

By Gottalovett