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Review from (24/2/99)

Date What's New
3 Jan ........ Added 3 Real Juke Box skins, 1 WinAmp skin, and added in a new section to Story, explaining the relationship between Squall and Laguna.
12 Dec ........ Rewrote most of the descriptive pages and spiced up the pages with a couple new pics. Also added a couple more pics to the gallery.
11 Dec ........ Added a Weapons guide to the Story section.
01 Dec ........ Added 7 more b/w wallpaper plus one Rinoa pic that was originally b/w but coloured by me. You can find this at the Misc section. Also, updated gallery with smaller versions of these pics. Also included new Magic and GF pages into the Story section 
19 Nov  ........ Added 7 new wallpapers (1024x768) to Misc section. Updated gallery with slightly shrunk versions (450x280)of these pics. In the process of completing Winamp skin. Added FAQ file.
04 Oct ........ Added 3 pieces of fan art.
03 Sept ........ Added a new walkthrough, new cgi-counter, and a fan art section. Also updated links and the Liberi Fatali translation section.
23 Aug ........ Added a new site submissions form and changed my counter. Also, updated some character info.
31 July ........ Corrected PSX release date to 9th Sept. Added 15 new midis to the zip file in Gallery section and renamed all old ones. Made some amendments to the translation of the Liberi Fatali.
28 June ........ FFVIII PSX release date pushed back to 7th Sept.
23 June ........ Added a new Ascii art sectiont to Gallery with one art made by myself.
04 June ........ Removed the download link to the exocet font coz of legal issues. Never knew that it was a commercial font. Anyways, added a new link to the commercial site to download.
29 May ........ Corrected some errors in the Winamp skin.
23 May ........ Added an E3 booth pic to "E3 Convention" in the gallery
02 May ........ Added the lyrics of 'Liberi Fatali" in the Gallery section, plus I translated the lyrics.
25 April ........ Updated the Characters section and added a new pic to Collages in the Picture gallery
19 April ........ Added tons of pics plus some new midi files.
31 Mar ........ Added a walkthrough to Story.
15 Mar ........ Made a WInamp skin. It's in the Misc section.
07 Mar ........ Added several new midis  and E3 Promo Clip to Gallery.  to the Gallery section.Zipped up a couple more icons for the desktop theme in Miscellaneous. Also started a section featuring selected reviews and FFVIII related news from various sites in News.
02 Mar ........ Added 1 new link to Misc. Also, FF8 will be released on Sept 2 in the USA.
21 Feb ........ Added "Game Impressions" and "Merchandise" to Gallery. Also added the Exocet font into Miscellaneous.
17 Feb ........ Added in the Faye Wong song which is in RA format. It's in the Gallery section.
29 Jan ........ Rewrote the story section and did a few more character descriptions.
13 Jan ........ Updated the pictures section, desktop theme in Misc. and news (above).
20 Dec ........ Updated the pictures section plus added some links. Was also complaining about the fact that nobody bothered to inform me about the FF6 remake....sheesh.. :-)
04 Dec ........ Added 3 new sections to the picture gallery: Amano artwork, Cid & Quistis Tulip. Also updated various character picture pages.
03 Nov ........ Updated the picture pages : Misc, Transportation, Dialogue, Zell, Buildings, Battle with Seifer, Transportation and Rinoa. Added in a few new picture sections: Irvine, Selphie, Alliances .
01 Nov ........ Updated the Idea and Seifer sections plus added in a new page to the gallery section called "The Ball".
16 Oct ........ Added new character info and updated links.
06 Oct ........ Added background music to this site.
12 Jul ........ Added a counter and updated the About section
07 Jul ........ Added the About section and updated Links

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