The country Galbadia, long ruled by a fascist dictator, has been of late, taking an aggressive position against its neighbouring nations. The city of Dollet was only recently captured by Galbadian troops in a bid to obtain control of its communications tower.

Squall, a young but promising teen from the military institution Balamb Garden, is dispatched on a mission to assassinate a sorceress known as Edea, whose sudden appearance as an advisor of the President Deling, dictator of Galbadia, has been linked to the recent hostile actions of Galbadia.

Things are however, not as simple as they may seem. A threat infinitely more menacing lies camouflaged under what superficially seems to be a mere political manoeuvre by an overtly-ambitious politician. It is an evil that crosses beyond the boundaries of time and logic; one that seeks domination of the world and its inhabitants.

Legend has it that humans were created by powerful sorceress known as the Great Hyne. Humans are not ordinarily gifted with the power of magic. That power has to be passed on from one sorceress to another through the process of manifestation. Only a select few humans have the capacity to accept this power. Esteemed sorceresses were often called the Descendents of Hyne as a form of respect.

In recent years however, the memory of the once venerated sorceresses have faded from the memory of most. Since the departure of the one known as Adel, who was overthrown by resistance forces after a tyrannical rule over the country of Esthar, the world has not known another who would take her place. After the rule of Adel, sorceresses were reviled. Many hid away their powers because of their fear of being hated. Magic however, has not been forgotten.

A doctor by the name of Odine, through various experiments, done with the approval of the sorceress Adel, investigated into the possibilities of magic usage by ordinary humans. His ground-breaking work led to a great success into the area known as para-magic. This method unlocked the once-thought-impossible ability of magic-casting. Para-magic was taken to a further level by the Garden of Balamb, which made use of Guardian Forces to enhance magic abilities.

Balamb Garden was founded 12 years ago by a man known as Cid Kramer. It established itself as an military institution that specialised in training young people with potential, in various aspects of combat and magic usage. After the founding of Balamb Garden, two other Gardens were set up in the lands of Galbadia and Trabia.

Within the Gardens, lie elite mercenary forces known simply as SeeD. SeeD forces are renown for their unsurpassed abilities in para-magic, used in conjunction with Guardian Forces. The members are frequently dispatched by Garden to participate in missions around the world. These missions usually involve undercover work and battle support.

Most Garden students aspire to become a member of SeeD. To do so, they must take tests, beginning from the age of 15, to qualify to become a member. These exams are also used as a determination of the members' ranks. A higher-ranked SeeD is paid more than a lower-ranked one.

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There are various shops all round the world that specialise in weapon remodeling. To remodel a weapon, specific items are needed. These items are not provided by the shops, but have to be obtained by the owner of the weapons. The degree of superiority of the weapon is correlated to the quality of the materials obtained for remodeling. High-quality materials are more difficult to find, and usually have to be obtained by slaying or stealing monsters. However, card modification abilities can also allow the more precious cards to be converted to these items for use.

Junctioning magic to a weapon or armour can allow the weapon or armour to exhibit certain elemental or status qualities. For instance, junctioning Fire to an armour's Elemental defense can allow the wearer to reduce percentages of fire damage from an enemy. If high level Fire magic is used, eg. Firaga, the wearer may even be able to absorb the fire damage and heal him/herself. Thus, the importance of junctioning can be seen.

Magic can also be junctioned to a person's attributes, thus enhancing it. Ultima for instance, can be junctioned to a person's Strength, increasing the person's ability to create more damage on an enemy.

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